• Harwood,
  • $4.3 Million
  • 10 Months

Ahrens provided a modern update for the client’s sugar mill, by designing and constructing a 7,000m2 facility comprised of a 4,800m2 warehouse for storage of finished sugar products, and 2,200m2 of dispatch and receival awnings.

Works included a two-storey dispatch office, amenities within the warehouse and separate drivers’ amenities including a lunchroom. External works included 2,400m2 of asphalt and access roads.

The design was unique due to the challenges of highly reactive and unstable ground conditions as well as the site being in a flood basin. A tapered column design was used, with the main beams fabricated as opposed to rolled-steel beams, and the design accounted for soil conditions, with the steel building built into the foundations and adjustable to allow for potential uneven movement of sub-grade.