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Our approach

We’re a fifth-generation, Australian owned and operated family business with a national footprint, employing more than 1000 staff across our divisions. We do more than just provide people with a job, we strive to offer people a career within a diverse and dynamic company, and a work environment that encourages creativity, teamwork and innovation.

112 People
Celebrating 10 to 19 years of work
30 People
Celebrating 20 to 29 years of work
6 People
Celebrating 30 plus years of work


Ahrens’ steady growth means we are regularly in search of people with ‘spark’ – showcase different skills and talents – and become passionate like us about every project we undertake. For that person, we offer multiple career pathways from boilermaking to project managing, administration to accounting – for trainees and apprentices through to professionals and managers.

By teaming up with the Ahrens family, we provide you opportunities to grow beyond your potential, including learning and development programs, which establish lasting career skills and identify leaders. Importantly, we recognise the importance of your contributions, those who go the ‘extra mile’, and celebrate your successes.

We are a company that embraces diversity and innovation; our employees represent a variety of backgrounds and skills, yet are aligned through a shared set of values and desire to be the best they can. Our care culture and in-house support means we regularly check in on your work/life balance; that’s another reason it means to be part of the Ahrens family.

What are you waiting for, kickstart your career with us today.

What we value

Our values form the foundation of everything we achieve as a business, which influence our behaviours and act as a benchmark of how we conduct ourselves. Importantly, our people share common values to ensure we are aligned and charter the same path.


Our People

Wellbeing, training development and reward.

Our People

Wellbeing, training development and reward.

Our Innovation

Always searching for a smarter, efficient way.

Our Commitment

The best it can be every job, every time.

Our Integrity

Partnerships based on honesty and respect.

Our Safety

The welfare of every individual is important.


Everything we touch and use has value.

Why work for ahrens?


  • Team building activities and social events that give employees the opportunity to get to know each other both inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Social events such as mid-year parties, Christmas celebrations, family-friendly outings and team sporting events throughout the year.
  • Employee Assistance Program through SMG Health which allows all employees and their families to easily access confidential counselling and guidance when it comes to issues affecting work performance.
  • Recognition of service milestones through congratulatory events and personalised gifts.
  • Opportunities for community involvement through participation in the Employee Donation Scheme, monthly fundraisers and opportunities to volunteer in the local community.
  • Career advancement opportunities.
  • Development and training opportunities.


We strive to work together to get the job done while being accountable and acting with integrity. We focus on innovation and efficiently, and reward those who passionately work towards realising our vision.

With a strong focus on honesty, sincerity and reliability – we foster strong working relationships and are committed to doing business that creates mutual benefits for all involved.


Ahrens’ vision for reconciliation is to remove barriers by taking a holistic approach through engagement with the wider community. We strive to not only meet, but enhance the changing needs of the communities in which we operate.

Developing good relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples brings to our organisation a greater awareness and understanding of the cultural connection Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with the land.

Ahrens commits to working towards closing the gap in employment equality between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous Australians.

We are committed to welcoming, supporting and promoting equality and diversity across all that we do for our staff, our clients and our community.


We are committed to supporting our employees strive for their personal and professional best through a variety of internal programs and initiatives that aid their development.


We believe our people are our most valuable asset and bring a competitive edge to business, and we encourage them to strive for personal and professional excellence by inviting them to join the Ahrens Academy.

The world-class, in-house, learning and development program supports our business in identifying future leaders and to develop a robust leadership pipeline.

Our commitment to providing great career opportunities enables our people to deepen and advance their understanding of management and learn more about Ahrens’ direction, plans and culture.

Our people have the opportunity to contribute to team-based project work and continue to help us cross-pollinate our strong culture across Ahrens family of brands.

4QTR Leadership Program

The secret to our success is empowering Ahrens’ executive leaders to continually achieve satisfying business results while creating a collaborative and inclusive work culture among its people.

We connect our leaders with AFL Max’s 4 Quarter Leadership Program (4QLP), designed by former AFL player and coach James Podsiadly, bringing a fresh perspective to bettering leadership skills.

Split into four quarters, the program focuses on Me, Purpose, Perform and Connect.

4QLP equips our people with the tools to be great leaders, to enjoy their roles and empower their teams.


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Career pathways

Ahrens is committed to providing people with clear, development pathways that empower and support their career progression.


We encourage people who have limited or no experience in the construction or engineering industries to learn more about Ahrens through our renowned accredited training program.

Gain hands-on skills and experience as you are guided through an interesting, enjoyable and relevant program.

Your newly learned practical skills and drive will help you to secure ongoing employment or create a foundation for further career development where you are supported by our professional and dedicated team.


Kickstart your career in construction through Ahrens’ structured apprenticeship pathway, open to people with limited or no experience.

Our solid program combines accredited learning and on-the-job training, with all our apprentices provided with skilled mentors and ongoing support from our professional team.

We share in your successes throughout your apprenticeship and celebrate your hard work as you strive to become a fully qualified tradesperson.


We strive to ‘harvest our own’ quality employees to ensure growth and successful succession planning at Ahrens as we draw on and nurture your unique talents.

Over an initial 12-month program you will be exposed to all areas of business, with particular focus on our culture, as you are integrated into Ahrens family of brands and at any location.

Our unique program is tailored to equip you with new skills and knowledge, and the confidence to work among our industry leaders and valued clients.

At the completion of the program, and with ongoing support, you have the potential to continue a career path with Ahrens.

Code Of Conduct and Policies

Ahrens recognises the need for effective workplace policies and procedures that comply with best practice principles and all relevant legislation, codes of conducts and other regulations. Our commitment to these helps us deliver high-quality results in all areas of our company.