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Few have soared as high as Lyndall Bevis over the last 19 years, beginning her journey with Ahrens as a Payroll Administrator after a lengthy search for the ideal position. Her story would see her overcome self-doubt, rise to the challenge of the industry and unlock her natural potential to work towards her ambitious career goals.

Attracted to the position at Ahrens due to its proximity to home and the unwavering family values of the company, Lyndall set off on a path that would see her become Ahrens’ Chief Financial officer and a pioneer who would lead the way for other young women in business.

Working for the Finance Manager at the time when the business was expanding exponentially, the opportunity presented itself to manage her own small team of payroll staff, an invaluable opportunity which she was unable to pass up. Lyndall rose to the challenge and operated in a fast-paced environment where the work she was performing, and the exposure she was receiving, was constantly changing. When challenges presented themselves, Lyndall relied on the support she received from the Ahrens community to allow her to land on her feet.

Having established herself at Ahrens over many years, Lyndall considers herself lucky to have experienced the finance department from the ground up as it has ultimately given her a wealth of knowledge of the business. When Lyndall was first offered the position of Chief Financial Officer in 2010, she was initially hesitant to take it on due to her lack of industry background when compared to other candidates that she viewed as having more formal experience than herself.

Lyndall’s doubts were soon put to rest after receiving a myriad of support from Ahrens in the form of consultants, resources to lean on and extensive external training which helped convince her to take on the position. Lyndall was soon able to trust in her natural abilities, feeling armed to perform the role to the standard the company required of her and take over all the responsibilities that came with the prestigious position.

Lyndall soon became engrained in the fabric of Ahrens, a crucial part of the constantly evolving landscape and this is something she has enjoyed most about working within the company. Some of her fondest memories involve third generation family members Bob and Marj Ahrens, as their family values run deep through the veins of the company. Lyndall to this day continues to cherish the way everyone makes her feel as though she is part of the Ahrens family. With a deep desire to keep learning and evolving, Lyndall plans to grow with the business and support the company as it sees continued success.

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