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The pathway to becoming Ahrens’ youngest, female supervisor in the mining division has been a trailblazing journey built upon knowledge, tremendous support and determination. Lenka Veza, Project Supervisor in our Mining Services Division based in Newman, Western Australia completed university unsure about which career path to follow. After her sister told her of a job opportunity to join the Ahrens team in Newman, Lenka found herself working as a cleaner. Meant only as an interim job, Lenka was unaware of the opportunities she would create for herself by taking this leap of faith.

After six months of working with the company, potential was identified in Lenka and she was offered the position of Project Officer, one which allowed her to gain invaluable industry experience and build knowledge within the mining and construction industries. Pushing her to brand new heights, this role saw Lenka assist with many projects, both minor and major, while also supporting the accounts side of the mining business.

It was November of 2019 when Lenka was offered the role of Business Coordinator at Ahrens’ Port Hedland branch in WA, a pivotal moment in her career. While in this role, Lenka was able to work alongside the Operations Manager who was running the small crew working on-site. This leadership-style position saw her grow, showing natural initiative where she was able to learn many new skills on her own, while simultaneously enabling her to study her Cert IV in Project Management Practice and later, her Supervisor Accredited Modules.

Her current position as Project Supervisor sees Lenka’s work mainly centre around housing maintenance and refurbishments, with daily responsibilities including cost tracking material procurement, scoping, coordinating labour and liaising with clients. Always aiming to nurture positive relationships with various clients and teams, Lenka has thrived in her position while ensuring the safety of her team; what she describes as one of her most crucial roles.

Lenka’s journey has been a positive for her personally and for the Ahrens Newman team. Lenka has been able to build this confidence by having mentors to teach her, and learn from co-workers who were willing to impart their life experiences and building knowledge. Lenka’s progression has also been recognised by the client BHP who have welcomed her progression and positive impact she has had with each project she has been given.

Beginning her career at the early age of 22 and moving away from home, Lenka acknowledges the significant and much appreciated support she received from Ahrens and fellow co-workers in both Newman and Port Hedland. This continual care drove Lenka forward in her career and has now made her the youngest female supervisor in our Mining Services division; no small feat.

Lenka credits her success to the people she works with every day at Ahrens, and values her team that “makes coming to work easy”. When looking to the future, Lenka hopes to continue developing in her current role, work on large scale projects and complete more training to build on her knowledge.

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